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10 tph natural gas fired steam boiler in China

Process Description 2019-11-14


 Boiler capacity: 10 tph

 Boiler pressure: 1.25 MPa

 Application: textile industry

 Project Description:

Guangdong Sihai Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. is a textile enterprise specializing in the production and processing of pure cotton, chemical fiber and knitted fabrics. As one of the important facilities in the dyeing and finishing enterprise production line, industrial boilers play an important role in providing the stable heat source and have a direct impact on the quality of dyeing and finishing.

Sihai Dyeing and Finishing knew very well that an energy-efficient boiler can significantly reduce operating costs and improve economic efficiency. After comparing many industrial boiler manufacturers, Sihai Dyeing and Finishing chose ZOZEN as its boiler supplier. The technical advantages and advanced manufacturing processes adopted by ZOZEN have become the powerful guarantee for the high quality of gas-fired boilers, in terms of boiler gas consumption, thermal efficiency and low emission of NOx. In addition, the automatic control system of ZOZEN not only greatly reduced the workload of the boiler operator, but also ensures the safe and stable operation of the boiler.


 Our cooperation with ZOZEN was very pleasant. From pre-sales, sales to after-sales, ZOZEN provided us with thoughtful service. In addition, after the gas-fired boiler was put into operation, all aspects of the performance were excellent: the boiler thermal efficiency was over 98%, which reduced the fuel cost for us.

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