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21 tph gas fired steam boiler project Bolivia

Process Description 2020-04-27


 Boiler capacity: 21 tph

 Boiler pressure: 1.25 MPa

 Application: lithium carbonate company

 Project Description:

 Known as "mirror of the sky", the Uyuni Salt Flat of Bolivia is a salt flat with the largest lithium reserves in the world. It is estimated that the lithium reserves of the Uyuni Salt Flat account for 70% of the lithium reserves of the world. The lithium industry chain market has huge potential and the abundant lithium resources also provide favorable conditions for Bolivia's economic development. To effectively promote the exploitation and utilization of the lithium resources of the salt flat, Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos-YLB, a state-owned listed company of Bolivia, decided to build a new lithium carbonate plant. As an important piece of supporting equipment, the industrial boiler will provide a reliable heat source for the development and commercialization of the resources of the salt flat.

YLB kept a rigorous attitude when purchasing boilers. After numerous market researches, YLB decided to cooperate with ZOZEN which had realized automatic production and information management. After an in-depth communication, ZOZEN technicians had a better understanding of the actual production requirements of YLB and customized the SZS series gas-fired steam boiler solution according to the characteristic of high altitude. ZOZEN scientifically selected the burner and properly increased the furnace volume and the convective heating surface area to ensure the output and thermal efficiency of the steam boiler. Meanwhile, ZOZEN carried out shot blasting on the entire outer surface of the boiler to improve the corrosion resistance of boiler cover plates. Besides, ZOZEN selected seawater-resistant primer which had excellent corrosion resistance and painted according to the color number and thickness provided by the customer, which not only met the requirements of YLB but also adapted to the alkaline land environment of Bolivia.


 At present, three sets of customized ZOZEN SZS series boilers had reached the UYUNI port and would enter the installation phase soon. We felt the preciseness and professionalism of ZOZEN in the process of this cooperation.

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