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mid-pressure coal-fired steam boiler project Bangladesh

Process Description 2020-05-04


 Boiler capacity: 35 tph

 Boiler pressure: 3.82 MPa

 Application: paper industry

 Project Description:

 Founded in September 2016, Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. is a subsidiary of Rashid Group. The company is mainly engaged in the production of paper products such as writing paper, printing paper and offset printing paper. At present, the company has two independent production lines. With a capacity of 200 tons of paper per day, the company exports high-quality paper to the overseas market. In order to ensure the heat source supply of its production lines, Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. introduced a set of ZOZEN ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure boiler from China. With a design pressure of 3.82 MPa, the boiler can provide sufficient high-temperature steam.

This ZZ series mid-temperature and mid-pressure boiler has advantages of wide fuel adaptability and high combustion efficiency. Meanwhile, ZOZEN technicians scientifically designed the boiler system according to the actual needs of the production lines of Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. This ZZ series coal-fired boiler adopts a wide-coal-type furnace arch design to increase the furnace temperature. At the same time, isobaric storehouse draught and micro-zone air distribution are designed to reduce the carbon content of the slag, which improves the overall combustion efficiency. In addition, this series of boiler is a field-assembled boiler that has high requirements for the technicians and installation staff. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the project, ZOZEN technicians provided effective on-site guidance for Rashid Paper Mills Ltd. Once the boiler enters the commissioning stage, ZOZEN will also provide users with professional training from boiler working principles and operating procedures to daily maintenance.


 We had a pleasant cooperation with ZOZEN and were satisfied with the reliable boilers and one-stop service. At present, the assembly of boiler proper had been completed, the furnace building work was getting to the end. The boiler would be put in use in a short time.

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