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25 tons SZS Condensing Biogas-fired Boiler For Dairy Factory

Process Description 2018-07-11

      Boiler model: SZS25-1.25-Q

  Boiler capacity: 25 ton/h

  Boiler pressure: 1.25 MPa

  Application:  dairy factory

  Project Description:

  The production and processing of dairy products requires a lot of steam to dry foods and shape, so it is bound to use steam boilers. “Modern Animal Husbandry” is the first company listed on dairy cattle breeding resources inthe world, and it is also the largest dairy cattle breeding company in China and a supplier of high quality raw milk. Modern animal husbandry builds 22 ten thousand heads of dairy farms in eight provinces across the country, and the number of dairy cows is 190,000. Zozen combined with the current situation of modern animal husbandry pastures, considering that dairy cow breeding will be accompanied by the production of organic matter such as excrement, straw, sewage, etc., then the use of closed biogas digesters to produce biogas as boiler fuel. Zozen provides the Modern Animal Husbandry provides a 25 tons of The SZS condensing gas-fired boiler using biogas as its fuel makes full use of resources to reduce the investment in Modern Animal Husbandry fuel costs.


  Modern Animal Husbandry is specialized in fairy cow breeding and milk production. The biogas-fueled boiler installed by us is a new environmental boiler. Zozen put our interests first, saving us a lot of fuel.

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