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35tph condensing gas fired steam boiler in chemical industry

Process Description 2019-10-15

 Boiler capacity: 35 tph

 Boiler pressure: 1.25 MPa

 Application: chemical industry

 Project Description:

Founded in 1933, Luzhou North Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale chemical enterprise. Its main products are military products, cellulose derivatives and silicone series. The production and processing of military and civilian products rely on the support of steam. Therefore, the boiler has become one of the important energy equipment on the production line. In response to the Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan, Luzhou North Chemical Industries decided to phase out the original coal-fired boilers and introduce low NOx environmentally friendly gas-fired steam boilers. After various market research and comparison, ZOZEN stood out with the advantages of stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, and reached cooperation with Luzhou North Chemical Industries. ZOZEN engineers tailored the complete system solution of the SZS series gas-fired steam boilers. This series of saturated steam boiler is designed with longitudinal double drums and " D " type chamber structure. Furnace is placed on the right and convection tube bank is on the left. The membrane wall structure is adopted around the furnace body, the partition wall between the furnace and the convection zone, and the front and rear walls, for better air tightness and larger radiation heating area. Meanwhile, the energy saving devices and the large space furnace ensure the boiler thermal efficiency is over 98%. In addition, the advanced low NOx burner also greatly reduce the emissions of NOx, which can be as low as 30mg/m³.


 The ZOZEN boiler not only provided a stable steam heat source for our company, but also reduced production energy consumption and pollution emissions. In the second half of this year, ZOZEN "Quality Miles" team also conducted return visits to our company, providing free boiler maintenance services and operation guidance. The professionalism and enthusiasm of ZOZEN technicians left a deep impression on us.

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