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6 ton WNS Condensing Gas-fired Boiler For Winery

Process Description 2018-06-01

    Boiler model: WNS6-1.25-Q

  Boiler type: gas fired boiler

  Boiler capacity: 6 ton/hour

  Boiler pressure: 1.25 MPa

  Application: Winery

  Address: China

  Project Description:

  Henan Wugu Spring Wine Co., Ltd. is a medium-sized professional liquor production enterprise controlled by Wuliangye Group. In 2016, with the increasing awareness of environmental protection in China, a considerable number of local governments have limited the use of coal-fired boilers. Where environmental protection policies are more demanding, wineries must use gas-fired steam boilers. Zozen Boiler is a “AAA grade” credit rating company. In order to meet the service needs of the majority of companies, Zozen has established more than 30 offices throughout the country, providing a large number of boilers for many industries. In this project, Zozen provided a 6-ton WNS condensing gas-fired boiler according to the actual needs of Wuguchun liquor, and now the annual production capacity of Wuguchun liquor reaches 32,000 tons.


  Zozen is well-known company in the boiler industry, whose product is safety and reliability, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental, easy maintenance and durability. The boiler is rapidly put into production after the installation and commissioning of Zozen professionals, which ensure the smooth development of our wine production plan.

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