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6 tph gas fired steam boiler for food industry

Process Description 2019-09-06


 Boiler capacity: 6 tph

 Boiler pressure: 1.25 MPa

 Application: food industry

 Project Description:

 Founded in 1991, Sichuan Liji Pickles & Flavouring Co., Ltd. is a large-scale agricultural and sideline products processing enterprise mainly engaged in the production of pickles, seasonings and red oil series dishes. In order to greatly improve production efficiency and effectively guarantee the stability of product quality, Liji Pickles & Flavouring introduced a series of automated production lines. The boiler is one of the important equipment in its automated production line. The sterilization and disinfection processes during the processing require the steam provided by the boiler.After inspecting many boiler manufacturers, ZOZEN's high-quality equipment and refined services won the trust of Liji Pickles & Flavouring and the company decided to purchase one set of 6 tph WNS series gas-fired steam boiler. This series of gas-fired boilers for food industry adopts a full corrugated furnace to enhance the smoke disturbance and effectively improve the heat transfer effect. The threaded tube is a high-efficiency heat transfer element developed by ZOZEN for many years, which can effectively absorb the flame energy after continuous optimization. With the finned tube condenser added at the tail of the flue, the boiler thermal efficiency can be as high as 98% as well as reducing the exhaust gas temperature. In addition, The fully automatic intelligent control and safety detection device ensures the safe operation of the boiler and provides a stable and reliable heat source guarantee for the efficient operation of the Liji Pickles & Flavouring automatic production line.


  Since the use of the ZOZEN gas-fired steam boiler for food industry, we had saved a lot of operating costs and reduced the workload of our boiler operator. Which impressed us most was that the ZOZEN "Quality Miles" service team conducted a return visit service to us, and carried out a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of the boiler equipment. This kind of intimate after-sales service made us feel very attentive.

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