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10 ton wns natural gas steam boiler price

10 ton wns natural gas steam boiler price

There have been many customers such as the food industry, the paper industry, etc., because of the production needs, a 10 ton natural gas steam boiler is needed.

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The customer first asks for the boiler price. The wns series of oil and gas boilers produced by ZOZEN are very popular in the market. So what is the price of a wns series of 10 ton natural gas steam boiler?


The price of a 10 ton wns series natural gas steam boiler is about 70,000 US dollars, and this is only the body cost of the boiler. If the valve instrument, the economizer, the feed water pump, the PLC electric control cabinet, the burner and other auxiliary machine parts are added, the price of a complete set of boilers is around $130,000.The wns series oil and gas boiler is a fire tube boiler with a capacity of 1-20 tons. The boilers are suitable for natural gas, diesel, heavy oil and biogas. WNS series oil (gas)-fired steam boiler is rational in structure, complete in burning, and high in thermal efficiency and good in safety, and makes the emission of dust and noise much lower than the state standards. The boiler adopts 3-pass technique, the hot combustion gases are immediately moved out of the high-temperature zone. The flame temperature is reduced, and the pollutant emissions are minimized. Boiler is low pressure, sectional cast iron constructed and tested for working pressure is from 10 bar to 16 bar. Boiler is pressure fired natural draft gas oil fired boiler.


The boiler price offered by us is very reasonable and affordable. Some people may think that some small boiler manufacturers can also provide 10 ton natural gas steam boilers, but the price they give is lower than our price. Why not choose cheaper boiler? The boiler is a special kind of equipment, and if the quality is not up to standard, it will cause great harm. Customers must not only compare prices when purchasing boilers. And should be more than one comparison, from the manufacturers strength, boiler price, performance, costs and other factors to consider the appropriate economical boiler.

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